Songs, Tears, and Laugther

These are not dark times Even on this day of loss Of songs, tears, and laughter Hearts are broken and clouds cover the sky Who'd dare try to blanket your brightness! On this dim day with the family and friends you've touched Songs are sung of your brilliance A harmonious universe of love, warmth, Gratitude, … Continue reading Songs, Tears, and Laugther


Sunset by the Riverside

- DUMBO, Brooklyn Shoreline, Sunset

By the Riverside

- DUMBO, Brooklyn

RobotsWillKill + Friends @ myplasticheart Art Exhibit

I went to the opening of RobotsWillKill + Friends art show at myplasticheart, last Friday night, July 13th. The art will be up until August 13th. All works of art are for sale. I got there around a quarter to open and joined the community of artist and art lovers that wrapped around the corner … Continue reading RobotsWillKill + Friends @ myplasticheart Art Exhibit

Conversation with a Dead Man

"What made you ... talk to me? I asked. "What makes me so special?" "Nothing," he responded [...]

Summer Reading List #004

The Rebel's Silhouette: Selected Poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, translated by Agha Shahid Ali. I got this volume of select poems on loan from a friend. One of the features I thought was cool when I borrowed it, was that this translated edition contains Faiz select poems in a bilingual Urdu/English format. By no means, … Continue reading Summer Reading List #004

Untitled #001

Everything before today means nothing, seems to be the world today. Ignoring the edification one can gain from the tribulations and victories of those afore. To plough through and learn nothing of the past — pure and utter foolishness! Stagnant water is poison! Everything before today matters not, if today is the same as yesterday. … Continue reading Untitled #001

Summer Reading List #003

One of the numbers of books I got second-hand that I have yet to read. Up In The Old Hotel, a collection of stories by The New Yorker journalist, Joseph Mitchell (1908 - 1996), depicting New York and its scintillating denizens. Containing stories such as, McSorley's Wonderful Saloon; Old Mr. Flood; The Bottom of the Harbor; and Joe Gould's Secret. … Continue reading Summer Reading List #003