The Boy and The Cat – Memories of Youth 2

When I was around 5 or 6 years old, I penned a story about a boy and his cat. It was short, 6-7 lines at most and incomplete. It had three characters; the boy, the cat, and the boy's mother. It was shit, to be honest, but at that time I remember being so excited … Continue reading The Boy and The Cat – Memories of Youth 2


Jumping Fences and Dodging Landmines – Memories of Youth 1

I remember when I was a kid ... well, when I was younger, roundabout 10-11 yrs young, living in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We had so much fun, my friends and me, playing tag or hide-n-seek in front of the apartment building. I always hated being 'it' or at least, I pretended to. Our games of … Continue reading Jumping Fences and Dodging Landmines – Memories of Youth 1

Summer Reading List #001

I decided to start a summer reading list. That's all. Self-explanatory, really. First up: The Curse of the Griffin, Daniel's Pride by Jerome S. Walford I'm already a few chapters in ... so far so good. I'll let you know how I feel afterwards. - Malik Mor

Prologue V: Web Novel Update!

So... you remember that web series I promised?

Prologue III: The Birth

Golden! He was a beautiful child, gilded, his skin glistened in the sun like crystallized nectar.

Prologue II: The Fallen & the Change

It began, like all things before, from within - the Change. Their once golden blood, darkened to a iridescent black. As their battle wounds festered and became infected with the pollution of the lower world. Hatred and lost consumed the minds of the Fallen. Their innate gentle dispositions became twisted and demented. Grotesque! Utterly grotesque! … Continue reading Prologue II: The Fallen & the Change

Prologue I: The Fall

And so they fell, defeated and broken. The Loved Ones, No longer loved by their Father - Their King. Cast out for the crime of daring to live by self-design. And so they fell, like shooting stars. Broken and burning. Wings twisted, torn - useless. And so they landed...