Sunset in NYC

- Malik Mor  


Snow falls in Brooklyn 

- Malik Mor

In the Air

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

No, seriously, go away! And take the wind with you! This fall rain has be feeling so unproductive. Why is my room so cold...? I've been a burrito pretty much this entire week. Here's some sun from the second day of Fall.

My Feet Hurt! Photos of the Day

I saw the Don!

The Prologue Series – Part IV

"...the story shall go on!"

Pen & Paper

There is something about simply putting pen to paper. No, it's not revolutionary. Yes, I know many authors and artist prefer the pad over the keyboard. It's hard to explain fully. It's just - looking back, as I write, at all the crap I scratched out until I found the perfect words, is just utterly … Continue reading Pen & Paper