My World

“Have you waiting with bated breath, hung on every word
As I narrate adventures and tribulations of gods and beasts ...”


Untitled #004

Uniformity means death! Be the individual you are! This world has enough ants marching in line Dance, two-step, Sing & bellow! Enchant the hearts of many Or one - that one With an utterance, a stroke, a brush or spray can Blaze! & shine bright! You have the potential to rival the stars. Enjoyed what … Continue reading Untitled #004

Speak No More of Loss

It is a great travesty to the one you've lost. A travesty! To shroud their brilliance in the dark.

Untitled #002

To speak of loss Such courage and strength One must have! The pain constricts the lungs And stealing one's breath. How broken the voice is As you try to speak The words one must say There is the pen, But the pain unsteadies the hand and tears blur the page. Speaking of loss, Let it … Continue reading Untitled #002

Songs, Tears, and Laugther

These are not dark times Even on this day of loss Of songs, tears, and laughter Hearts are broken and clouds cover the sky Who'd dare try to blanket your brightness! On this dim day with the family and friends you've touched Songs are sung of your brilliance A harmonious universe of love, warmth, Gratitude, … Continue reading Songs, Tears, and Laugther

Summer Reading List #004

The Rebel's Silhouette: Selected Poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, translated by Agha Shahid Ali. I got this volume of select poems on loan from a friend. One of the features I thought was cool when I borrowed it, was that this translated edition contains Faiz select poems in a bilingual Urdu/English format. By no means, … Continue reading Summer Reading List #004

Untitled #001

Everything before today means nothing, seems to be the world today. Ignoring the edification one can gain from the tribulations and victories of those afore. To plough through and learn nothing of the past — pure and utter foolishness! Stagnant water is poison! Everything before today matters not, if today is the same as yesterday. … Continue reading Untitled #001

Prologue V: Web Novel Update!

So... you remember that web series I promised?