Summer Reading List #003 Review: McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon

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Summer Reading List #005

Democracy Now!: 20 Years Covering the Movements Changing America by Amy Goodman, with David Goodman and Denis Moynihan I finally got my copy! I'm seriously looking forward to reading this book. And it has nothing to do with me having interned at Democracy Now! or with my name - before the name change - being … Continue reading Summer Reading List #005

Summer Reading List #004

The Rebel's Silhouette: Selected Poems by Faiz Ahmed Faiz, translated by Agha Shahid Ali. I got this volume of select poems on loan from a friend. One of the features I thought was cool when I borrowed it, was that this translated edition contains Faiz select poems in a bilingual Urdu/English format. By no means, … Continue reading Summer Reading List #004

Summer Reading List #003

One of the numbers of books I got second-hand that I have yet to read. Up In The Old Hotel, a collection of stories by The New Yorker journalist, Joseph Mitchell (1908 - 1996), depicting New York and its scintillating denizens. Containing stories such as, McSorley's Wonderful Saloon; Old Mr. Flood; The Bottom of the Harbor; and Joe Gould's Secret. … Continue reading Summer Reading List #003

Summer Reading List #002 Review: Monstress

A beautiful and haunting world of monsters and poets. Cat assassins! The world of Monstress is home to some of the most badass, boss felines ever. I became enthralled with Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s world from the very first page. A brilliant blend Eastern and Western comics, which I love. Upon entering this strange … Continue reading Summer Reading List #002 Review: Monstress

Summer Reading List #002 Review: Black Panther

Heavy is the head that wears the crown. To quote, mayhap incorrectly, the Bard. The African nation is in turmoil. T’Challa, King, Damisa-sarki - the Panther, returns to find his home beset by terrorism, intrigue, corruption, and the lost faith of his people. Wakanda is in upheaval. Black Panther has saved the world and protected … Continue reading Summer Reading List #002 Review: Black Panther

Summer Reading List #002

I finished reading Curse of the Griffin: Daniel's Pride, by Jerome S. Walford last night. Next up on my summer reading list: Marvel's Black Panther, written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and Monstress, written by Marjorie Liu. I'm reading them back to back since they will be quick to knock out. While I know a bit about Black … Continue reading Summer Reading List #002

Summer Reading List #001 Review: Curse of the Griffin: Daniel’s Pride

I just finished reading Curse of the Griffin: Daniel's Pride, by Jerome Walford, last night and I need more right now. More, I say! I need ... no demand for the second book in my hands this instant. Unfortunately, I'll have to wait for the next instalment to join Daniel and his Pride in this world crafted … Continue reading Summer Reading List #001 Review: Curse of the Griffin: Daniel’s Pride