Jumping Fences and Dodging Landmines – Memories of Youth 1

I remember when I was a kid … well, when I was younger, roundabout 10-11 yrs young, living in Red Hook, Brooklyn. We had so much fun, my friends and me, playing tag or hide-n-seek in front of the apartment building. I always hated being ‘it’ or at least, I pretended to. Our games of chase got so heated we’d jump over fences, down small stairs, up and over any obstacle in our path to escape being tagged out.

It was all fun and games – and potential ankle-breaking – until you were unlucky enough to land on an seen landmine, left behind by a dog in the sparse grass around the building. Especially if it’s a pile of still soft shits, that ‘taco shell’ around the sole of your shoe and creep up the sides …

Ah … sweet memories.

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