Broke in Brooklyn

Below you’ll find me asking for essentially asking for monetary support via my new blog on Patreon. You can skip all the subtle pandering and visit my Patreon page here now or read first and then visit my page by clicking the big orange button at the end of the article.



IMG_4151Sustainability. Sustainability. Sustainability. The goal of every creator. To be able to sustain our selfish desire to share our creation with the world.

I love writing and I want to be able to be selfish and devote more time to it; honing my skill, bettering my craft to pull you into the strange new and exciting world I seek to engineer.

And it would be a whole lot easier to do so with your support.

Visit my blog on Patreon, a platform that enables many great creators across the world to share their creations and earn a sustainable income directly from theirĀ fans.

Follow and pledge on my Patreon page for early access, Patron-only content and access to story drafts, character bios, and more.

There is so much I would like to share with you. Fantasy, poetry, a bit of my uninteresting life, photography, my noob gaming skills, and let’s not forgot my love for art. I’m also a wanderlust and would love to bring you along for the adventure when I begin to travel.


With your supportĀ via Patreon, I can make my way towards that goal of sustainability. Selfishly sharing my art and adventures with you.

Become a Patron today! Click here or the big orange button below.

Thank you! – Malik Mor



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