RobotsWillKill + Friends @ myplasticheart Art Exhibit

I went to the opening of RobotsWillKill + Friends art show at myplasticheart, last Friday night, July 13th. The art will be up until August 13th. All works of art are for sale.

I got there around a quarter to open and joined the community of artist and art lovers that wrapped around the corner of Forsyth and E. Houston Street under the light late evening drizzle.

Although, once the event opened, there was no need to wait in line unless you had eyes on the limited supply of free RobotsWillKill tote and the goodies inside and/or the ticket for the raffle that was held later. The NYC myplasticheart space is so small that I just felt easier traffic-wise.


Once inside, the right wall was dominated by great art by ChrisRWK, Veng, REGA, DrilOne, MURRZ, Zero productivity, Nite owl, Turtle caps, kaNO, and many more amazing artist. A full list of the 50 artists involved can be found at myplasticheart. There was also artwork in the window and on the left wall just before the designer toys that usually dominate the store.

Outside the store/gallery, music was poured out the open storefront, the crowd spilt into the streets just far enough to not get hit by passing vehicles. It was an exchange between writers. Black books were passed back and forth. Artist traded the stickers they brought with them, some made them on the spot.

All in all, it was a great time with great people. I hope I have the chance to attend future street art events – as long as it’s free, or someone happens to give me a ticket.

If you’re in or around NYC, make sure to stop in myplasticheart at 210 Forsyth Street, off E. Houston, and check out the exhibit and designer toys and collectibles. And, feel free to buy yourself something pretty while you’re there.

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