Summer Reading List #002 Review: Monstress

IMG_4347A beautiful and haunting world of monsters and poets.

Cat assassins! The world of Monstress is home to some of the most badass, boss felines ever.

I became enthralled with Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda’s world from the very first page. A brilliant blend Eastern and Western comics, which I love. Upon entering this strange new world, we’re introduced to not only the protagonist but to the horrors, we are soon to witness. And the opening monologue adds an air of mystery and intrigue.

This beautiful steampunk reality is the stage to a war fueled by self-interest between humans and Arcanics, children of the Ancients. This is a story of humans and monsters. Inhumanity and the monsters that roam the world and the lie within. Maika, Arcanic, is hunting the truth of her past and she will go to any lengths for that goal. Even placing herself in the hands of the enemy, with no guarantee of escape, and soon the hunter becomes the hunted.

I enjoyed journeying with Maika and her companions as she struggles with her fears, uncertainty. Her torment as she battles with what she carries inside and what it means.

I’m looking forward to reading the 2nd volume. Reading these two comic books, Black Panther and Monstress, makes me want to start reading more Western comics. I’m always open to recommendations!

I picked up this copy up at the Five Points Festival, with my copy of Black Panther Book 1, from the Midtown Comics store.

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