Summer Reading List #001 Review: Curse of the Griffin: Daniel’s Pride

I just finished reading Curse of the Griffin: Daniel’s Pride, by Jerome Walford, last night and I need more right now. More, I say! I need … no demand for the second book in my hands this instant.

Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for the next instalment to join Daniel and his Pride in this world crafted by Walford.IMG_4337

Curse of the Griffin is a coming of age saga about a boy who is about to become a man – or something else.

In this series opener, we meet Daniel, a young, starving artist living in a dystopian city fun by the Family, a family of high-breed vampires.

Early on, after meeting Daniel, we see just how desperate Daniel and all “unturned” citizens are to simply make a living. Where the only choices laid before many of them is to either struggle in polluted, dying city under the whim of the Family or turn and become a member of management, enjoying whatever scraps the Family gives you.

We also discover how insanely talented Daniel is as an artist, and slowly uncover the little details that mark Daniel as different. And learn just how quickly, one hormone induced decision can cause your entire life to change and push you toward a destiny filled with action, uprisings and magic.

While I seriously like this story, the only dissatisfaction I have is that I would have like to have gotten to know a character more before their death. I didn’t feel that deep connection between Daniel and that character, or the sadness of loss.

Curse of the Griffin: Daniel’s Pride, was a great read and I can’t wait to read the next instalment when it’s published.

You can check out Forward Comix and grab a copy of your own because I’m definitely keeping mine, I mean it is signed.

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