Prologue V: Web Novel Update!

So… you remember that web novel I promised? You know, the one I mention after the trilogy of Prologue poems? I told you they were very loosely based on a possible upcoming web novel? No?

Good! Because I promised that close to two years ago.

Well, it’s finally coming to some fruition after all this time! I just have to hash out some those pesky details like character designs, time frame, contradictions and a few other minute details.

It’s still going to be awhile ’til my web novel is ready for consumption. I want to flesh out a big chunk before I even begin to publish it.

Also, I will be publishing the web novel on Patreon first and then alternately on my site. So follow me on Patreon, for early access to teasers, character intros, chapters, updates, and more!

I also have a teaser coming out soon! Look forward to it!

Check out the Prologue Trilogy while you wait! I: The Fall, II: The Fallen & The Change, & III: The Birth.


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