28 Years


Hey, father of mine, happy birthday!
27 years. Can you believe it’s been 27 years since we last seen each other?
I’m turning 28 this year! Far from being an adult.

Honestly, not much of note has happened since we last parted.
I’ve grown much taller – still short though – and I can speak much better than before.
No more one-sided conversations.
Still sometimes, the words don’t come to me so good, you know.

For better or worse, my childhood is a bit… hazy.
I spent most of it sleeping and dreaming,
Laughing and playing with family and friends.

A few injuries; a black eyes, stitches for a busted lip, another busted lip (no stitches), etc.
No broken bones, I think… I also had a close encounter with a car.

I became obsessed with martial arts and Asian culture early on, in big part to TMNT.
Much later I would find a great 師父 and a excellent 汉语老师.

I graduated high school with some difficulty.
Ah – it wasn’t because school was hard.
Who knew you actually had to attend classes to pass?
School was just so boring! I only liked English/Literature classes.

Oh! I have a little sister now. You’d like her. She’s smart, insanely talented and beautiful.
I have a few other siblings I think you’d like as well.
Mother dearest is doing great. She’s fast on her way to becoming a CEO!
She supports me in everything I do.
It’s because of her that I didn’t miss you as much as I could have.

I’ve met and became friends with a number of talented and passionate individuals.
I’ve added a few of them to our family.
Among them I’ve gain a big sister, who is simply brilliant.
Unfortunately, she may be lamenting her name as of late.

Speaking of names! I have a new one! One that you may be exciting about.
Apparently, it was one of my potential names?
I know grandma was happy when I told her about my choice.
I don’t see her, grandpa, and my aunts and uncles as much as either of us would like.

To sum it up. For the last 27 years since our parting, I’ve lived each day as they came.
Most days I laughed. Some days I cried. But mostly, I laughed.
No tales of grand adventures just yet. Money willing – soon.
Many small adventures. Larger when I was a kid.
Also, no great love stories to share. It’ll happen when it’ll happen.

That’s all for now. See not much of note has happened.
I think there will be more to share next year.

Miss you,
your best friend,

Malik D. Morangello
(Malik Mor)



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