My City #1: Manhattan Bridge 

Whenever I don’t feel like dealing with the trains, broke — like I am now (become a patron!) —, or just so happen to be in the mood for a quick jaunt across the river to Chinatown. The Manhattan Bridge is and has always been, the start of my route to and through the Manhattan Isle.

img_3775I’m lucky enough to live right next to the Manhattan Bridge and have easy access to its footpath. As a matter of course, I also live next to the Brooklyn Bridge and its footpath. The Brooklyn Bridge, despite its beauty, is nothing more than an overcrowded attraction for tourist. As a local, I spend most of my time trying not to get run over by a biker, as I attempt to manoeuvre through slow moving tourist and other locals. Since the footpath and the bike lane are right next to each other, and the footpath always ends up bleeding over.

img_3793This is one of the many things I like about the Manhattan Bridge, that the footpath and bike path are on opposite side of the bridge. Although, the occasional biker does end up using the footpath. Maybe for the awesome view, or they can’t be bothered to use the easily accessible bike path. There are even two lanes for traffic.


The walk is pretty peaceful, with only the occasional train passing by. Foot traffic is minimal and less stressful. And that view! Beautiful! I could never get tired of the view of the East River waterfront! Or the sight of the Brooklyn Bridge connecting the two cities. img_3795Ever changing, the view is never truly the same twice. The sky, clouds, sun, river, and the two cities. Each adds a different accent to the view. Attracting photographers and videographers. Bloggers and vloggers.

img_3792Like the rest of the Empire City, the Manhattan Bridge is a canvas and the artwork of its children is drawn and posted on the walls and floors. Some might not like all the street art and graffiti, but I do. I always keep an eye out for interesting street art, while crossing the bridge. If you ever decide to take a walk over the Manhattan Bridge, you might just spot me, crouch over to the side, taking a picture of stickers that catch my eye. During my a few of my little jaunts, I’ve had a few “bomber sighting” (@renegagnon) and spotted a few pigeons (@zeroproductivity).

If you’re ever in New York City, I recommend you make the Manhattan Bridge a part of your tour.

And if you happen to see a short, skinny guy wearing chucks and a cardigan. Don’t be afraid to ask for help taking a picture.

Quick History

Youngest of the three DOT suspension bridges on the East River, designed by Leon Moisseff (1872 – 1943). The Manhattan Bridge began its construction on October 1st, 1901, opened on December 31st, 1909, then was completed the following year, 1910. The stone portal and plaza entrance were designed by the architectural team of Carrère and Hastings.

– Facts brought to you by the DOT.

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