Prologue III: The Birth

A child was borne among the Fallen,
Soft, round – oblivious to the scars that marred him.
Born to a world that was his – yet was not.

He was a beautiful child, gilded, his skin glistened in the sun like crystallized nectar.
His eyes shone in the light like polished amber.
His hair a blinding, colorless crown of curls.

As was his mother – so too, was the child inflected by the Changed.
Deeply! – Was he affected my the Change
It reached into his blood, bones, and the core of his being.
Yet – it would be millennia before all his talents manifested

And so, loved an hated for the lost beauty the child held –
Millennia passed…

– Malik Mor

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Prologue II: The Fallen & the Change


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