Pen & Paper

There is something about simply putting pen to paper. No, it’s not revolutionary. Yes, I know many authors and artist prefer the pad over the keyboard. It’s hard to explain fully. It’s just – looking back, as I write, at all the crap I scratched out until I found the perfect words, is just utterly satisfying. Opposed to staring at a blank screen and repeatedly backspacing and writing the same sentence over and over for the umpteenth time. I went back to drafting on paper and it has helped my writing much more than relying on my computer or phone.

I still put the finishing touches on as I type, but it’s nice to look over at my small, slanted, sometimes unevenly spaced handwriting. It’s kind of like have a back and forth, seeing what worked on paper, but not on screen. Plus, having spell check is a bonus!

-Malik Mor


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