Shen Yun

Shen Yun
I had the great pleasure of attending the Shen Yun performance in New York on Saturday, January 17th. I know, this article is kind of late, but I suffer from a severe case of procrastination.
I wanted to go to Shen Yun last year after seeing all the posters and brochures around the city, but I was broke and couldn’t afford the luxury of tickets at the base price of $80. I’m still broke, but I could afford the tickets this year. I was able to get good seats too.
I’m not a critic by any means, I’m just sharing the parts I enjoyed most.
Ethnic Dances
By far my favorite performances of the night.
The traditional dances of the Chinese minority that the Shen Yun dances performed were outstanding. The female and male performances were equally great overall, but… probably because I’m a guy, I enjoyed the female performance the best. They were just more… alluring.
Mongolian Chopstick Dance
This female Ethnic dance was one of the most memorable. The girls came out holding a bundle of long chopsticks and as they danced they tapped, brushed and shook the chopsticks in perfect harmony with the orchestra.
In this female performance, the dancers showed how the traditional ornaments and jewelry (suchs as bracelets and bangles) worn by the Hmong (or Miao) ethnic group, enhanced the feel and sound of a dance.
Tibetan Dance
This is one of the male Ethnic dances that I really enjoyed. The dancers were able to show both masculinity and finesse as they flipped, tumbled and spun. This dance also used the unique design of the clothes to enhance the dance.
You can learn better details about the Ethnic Dances [here].
Journey to the West
Journey to the West if my favorite Chinese story that I’ve come across. I’ve had the opportunity a year or two ago to read the first part of a translated version from a library in downtown Chinatown. A good translated copy is hard to come by. I’ve watched and read several adaptation of the story. From the numerous Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese produced versions; to the Japanese Sayuki and Dragonball. Pretty much if it even mention the Monkey King, I watched it.
Shen Yun performed an excerpt from the story, where Sun WuKong, the Monk, Pigsy and Sandy encounter the Bone Demon. The dancers delivered a great performance. Shen Yun uses a high-res projection screen for the background and to add a little kick to their performances. The screen came in handy here. The dancers had excellent timing with the screen. So it was similar to watching it on TV.
Going Home
If it’s not already obvious, then I probably wasn’t very clear; I went home happy and glad I went. If I can afford to go next year, than I might. I also have a Youtube celebrity sighting. Dan from Off the Great Wall, a youtube channel I subscribe to. I was too shy to say anything though…
You can check out Dan and Mike here:
I want to talk about Falun Dafa and it’s connection to Shen Yun, but I want work on it a bit more, to better get my view across. Quick preview; I see nothing wrong with it.
-Malik Mor