Sleep and Dream

Sleep young one, sleep …
Sleep and dream,
I’ll watch over you,
So sleep peacefully.
Ah – come now, don’t furrow your brow.
What pains you so much that it troubles you in your sleep?
Do you miss me?
Here – take what heat remain remains on these fingers,
Let it burn away the pain as it warms your brow.
I’m sorry …
I’m so sorry but you must sleep.
Sleep young love, sleep …
Sleep and dream.
Dream of me and smile,
I do not wish to see tears stain your pillow.
No matter how much you may hate me for leaving.
Sleep and dream of me fondly
And when you wake, allow me to see your smile linger.
That is all I wish to see before I go; to see you alive and happy.
Don’t worry young one,
For I will return again,
To watch over you as you sleep and dream.
So go about your day,
Exchange the pleasantries,
Smile and laugh.
For just as much as I long for nothing but to see you alive and happy,
So too do those who are blessed enough to remain by your side –
As I was once blessed;
For that blessing, I thank you, young love.