A Dream

Come, have a seat.
Relax and let the sun warm your skin.
Don’t worry about the heat,
There is a nice cool breeze blowing off the pond
And there is a bit of shade for our faces under leaves of the tree behind us.
So just relax and give me a few minutes of your time,

And let me tell you of this fabulous dream I’ve recently had.
Now, are you situated properly?
Do you feel the Suns’ touch on your skin?
How about the breeze just off the pond,
And your face isn’t melting?
It’s quite comfortable, right?

Now, recently I’ve come to the realisation of a new dream,
A new goal I should say,
And I truly wish to achieve this dream.
You may laugh and call my dream silly.

I said that you might laugh, because my dream may seem to pale in comparison
To other grandiose dreams, such as becoming rich,
Travelling the world,
Marrying your true love and raising a family,
Living doing what you love as a career,
Or growing old and healthy,
Or you may have even greater dreams.

Truthfully, I too wish to dream, to achieve, all those dreams,
And I have even greater dreams and goals as well,
But I feel that this new dream, this new goal, is the cultivation of all these dreams.
As such, this new dream surpasses all other dreams.

Now for my dream,
I believe I took enough of your time already,
So thank you for patiently waiting this long.

My dream is quite simple really,
I know I added a bit of relish before the big reveal,
But my new dream, my new goal, is truly a simple one.
Which is why I’m worried you might laugh once you hear it.

On one random sunny day, much like today,
I dream … no, I truly wish to find myself seated on an ordinary park bench.
Under the lee of a tree,
The light of sun warming my skin,
And the caress of a cool breeze.

As I squint at the sky, my mind will wander, as the clouds wander,
Along the path, my life has taken,
And the path I wish to stir it along once I rise from my reprieve,
I’ll smile a little smile from the depth of my heart.
After a few passing moments, I’ll rise and continue down my path,
And hope that a moment such as this will revisit in the future.

It’s just a fleeting moment, a passing fancy of a sentimental fool,
But that moment is what I want to achieve in a continuum.
As I fulfil larger dreams, conquer greater goals,
I want to have moments like that, because no matter the dream or goal, I want one thing … to be happy!

That’s it, I’ve told you my dream in the most roundabout way.
You’re free to laugh now if you want,
I have to go now, to pursue my other dreams, and find new goals.
This moment, it seems, is passing for me,
But it might be just beginning for you.
Well, good day, it was nice meeting you.
Sorry for taking up so much of your time.

– Malik Mor


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