Untitled #003

No more! Let us speak no more of loss. Of pain and heartache. Of trembling lips and blurred vision. It is a great travesty to the one you’ve lost. A travesty! To shroud their brilliance in the dark. So sing! Sing choruses laughter, A prose of adventures, And stanzas of love. Sing tales of their…

Live Today @ 1 PM EST

I know, I know … I’m way late. In all honesty, my money is so tight right now, I was debating on whether to sell the game for the few bucks I could. But, then I figured I play it one last time and just struggle on MTurks or something, until then or for one…

Untitled #002

To speak of loss Such courage and strength One must have! The pain constricts the lungs And stealing one’s breath. How broken the voice is As you try to speak The words one must say There is the pen, But the pain unsteadies the hand and tears blur the page. Speaking of loss, Let it…

Revisiting Horizon Zero Dawn

With the Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds DLC coming out later this year, my hype is real. I loved this game and thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the game. I enjoyed the story. I plan on replaying Horizon Zero Dawn soon. Probably sometime this week and I plan to share my play through again….

Untitled #002

I have another new poem for you, my friend. "Untitled #002" is now up on my Patreon. […] There is the pen, But the hand quiversAnd tears blur the page. […] Click here to gain early access and read the whole poem now! Or wait a few day. Your choice, my friend.