Toys, Art, Comics, And More Toys! My Day At The Five Points Festival

Here’s a quick overview of my Saturday at the Five Points Festival, since you all probably just want to see pictures. It was dope. Comics, toys, street art, cosplay and more art. I spent way too much money – I regret nothing! Walked around for hours. Met some insanely talented artist. Spent way more than…

Untitled #001

Everything before today means nothing, seems to be the world today. Ignoring the edification one can gain from the tribulations and victories of those afore. To plow through and learn nothing of the past — pure and utter foolishness. Stagnant water is poison! Everything before today matters not, if today is the same as yesterday….

More Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Believe I’m reaching the end of the main story line. I’m having so much fun playing Horizon. I’ll be sad once it’s done. Any recommendations for what I should play next?

28 Years

Hey, father of mine, happy birthday! 27 years. Can you believe it’s been 27 years since we last seen each other? I’m turning 28 this year! Far from being an adult. Honestly, not much of note has happened since we last parted. I’ve grown much taller – still short though – and I can speak…

First Impression! Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Yo! I had so much fun playing Horizon Zero Dawn last night! As I said in the beginning of the video, I did see some gameplay from other YouTubers. Just enough to see if it was something I would enjoy playing. I didn’t see any of the side missions, so that was part of the…